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Qt Quick Controls 2 Silica Style

Sailfish Xiaomi kenzo port: aarch64 kernel with armv7hl rootfs

AngelHack 2016 Saint-Petersburg: Sailfish OS IoT project

Qt qtsystems module: QStorageInfo better partitions UUIDs support (Systems: SystemInformation)

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гравюра Фламмариона


The Soundmaker

Beneath The Ice

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see no evil hear no evil speak no evil


My name is Alexey.


I’m a Ph.D. student from ITMO University (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

I’m a linux/archlinux, C/C++/Qt/QML, KDE fan. Happy Jolla SailfishOS smartphone and Pebble Time smartwatch owner.

I’m currently working at Open Mobile Platform and looking for additional earnings for personal projects.


Feel free to contact me at aa13q via telegram, freenode irc or email.

Donation links:

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