The Soundmaker

April 26, 2014

Listen to The Soundmaker by Rodrigo y Gabriela at Bandcamp. And read a little about the song and the band.

You probably have heard about Rodrigo y Gabriela band from Breaking Bad TV Series OST (I have at least).

In spite of awesome Tamacun song (as I understood Tamacun is the name of some Mexican guy who hunting and taking care of crocodiles) and very nice Chac Mool song, there is some great new one from their “9 Dead Alive” album: The Soundmaker. This song is dedicated to Antonio Torres Jurado, who was:

a Spanish guitarist and luthier, and “the most important Spanish guitar maker of the 19th century.”

Antonio Torres Jurado

And he was born on June, 13th as me! :)

Interesting band, wish I could listen to some of their best songs live someday.

Rodrigo y Gabriela

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